• Isn't it actually 15 feet? Either way, that's not the crust of the question. No, it shouldn't be nationwide. This should be a state thing. I really believe it should actually be a company thing, and all companies should be able to set their own policies. Still, many, many companies in Illinois don't follow this law anyway.
  • I belive that small bisness owners should have the choice to be a smoke or non smoking establishment(as there are pet friendly stores, and people still have alergies to animals). If you’re a non smoker, stay out of my bar, or casino. If you don’t mind, come on in. If you’re a smoker and go into a non smokeing bar, don’t light up. IMO
  • Keep it a state thing. Keep as many things possible a state thing. States Rights. And I am with Questionbag on private establishments. I'm a non-smoker and smokers to me are a pain in the ass, but I find the Feds more so, and I certainly believe that if a person owns a business they should be free to manage or mismanage it as they wish.
  • Even non-smokers should be appalled. It's a matter of time before one of their rights they cherish will be assaulted yo... We are living more and more in a 'police state' yo...
  • Next thing you know smokers will have to use special bathrooms and water fountains clearly marked "for smokers only" - and be forced to ride in the backs of busses and streetcars. Hell, I can even see a day when smokers are lynched openly by mobs of nonsmokers and the police will stand by and do nothing about it. Freedom....don't even mumble that word around one of these self rightious anti smoking crusaders - or they will burn you at the stake for your impudence. God save us all from self rightious "doo-gooders"!
  • These people who are telling private business owners what to do don't realize the loss of income & jobs that have been occurring. No doubt the non-smokers behind it think they are doing something good for the public health as they get into their cars and put out an average of 6 TONS of carbon monoxide per year. They aren't bitching about cars because they can't smell them and because they themselves drive them. They can go suck their tailpipe.
  • Been that way for years back here in AZ. CA as well. I think it is just another way the government is taking control of our lives!
  • either make cigarettes illegal, like alcohol in prohibition times or quit messing with people, putting in all of these restrictions! and after smoking, what is our next target? it should be obesity, so do we condemn the fat people to go into the back alleys to eat a cheeseburger? or do we get rid of meat?
  • 7-26-2017 Flagstaff, AZ banned smoking in restaurants and the restaurant business in town promptly went almost to zero. All that business was shifted to restaurants outside the city limits. The city council in Sedona considered doing the same thing to get their famous traffic jams out of town.

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