• he said he is going to establish electric vehicle manufacturing plants in the great state of OHIO. electric vehicles will eliminate the need for imported oil. he will have to stay in office for ten years to make sure it happens.
  • I think that means he's going to increase the term limits for himself :(
  • no I think it means he's a liar
  • That's what he'd have to do, or do away with the drilling moratorium in parts of the U.S. Canada has bigger energy reserves than Saudi Arabia, but it's too big to invade and hold. Better to "make it worth our while".
  • No. But it does show something about his intelligence or his opinion of the US voters. He is either so stupid he believes that to be possible or he believes the American people are so stupid they will believe it is possible. But I suppose they did give GWB 2 terms in office so maybe....
  • No he would not have to annex Canada in order to eliminate the import of oil from the Middle East. What I find so sad is that so many here can not see an alternative to Middle Eastern Oil. There are other resources and other sources of oil - we only use Middle eastern supplies because it was cheapest - WAS being the operative term. Yes it is possible to remove our need of the middle east in 10 years time. that is not the same thing as remove oil off the energy table.
  • One of the things americans believe (via our wonderfully uninformaed media talking heads) is that we get most of our imported oil from the Mid-east which is incorrect. We get about 75% of our imported oil from canada which explains why the canadian dollar was slamming our dollar for about 6 months
  • Do you (or O'drama, for that matter) even have ANY idea of how oil imports measure up? Please note that Saui Arabia knocked Mexaco out of second place due in large part to a reduction in Mexican production. Total Imports of Petroleum (Top 10 Countries) (Thousand of Barrels per Day) Country Jun-08 May-08 YTD 2008 Jun-07 YTD 2007 -------------------------------------------------------------------------- CANADA 2,359 2,346 2,472 2,410 2,470 SAUDI ARABIA 1,493 1,604 1,538 1,534 1,434 MEXICO 1,254 1,218 1,304 1,529 1,590 VENEZUELA 1,215 1,171 1,172 1,364 1,356 NIGERIA 1,020 918 1,092 968 1,080 RUSSIA 764 441 474 285 400 IRAQ 693 583 674 573 476 ANGOLA 649 476 506 514 580 ALGERIA 492 620 535 709 718 VIRGIN ISLANDS 314 340 336 218 319
  • I like Obama's ideas. I just don't thonk it can happen as fast as he wants it to! Invade Canada. No! We have been dependent on oil for too long. I believe it can be done, but it is going to take more time.
  • I think he's just saying what people want to hear. He doesn't actually seem to have any plans to put any of his assertions into the realm of reality. It's either drill here or import. Democrats can't have it both ways. It's too bad they refuse to discuss drilling in congress. This majority doesn't seem to want to accomplish anything at all.
  • Yes, first Canada, then Greenland, the Danish stronghold in the far west. The material, referred to as LEGOil in the Obama household, will be solely dedicated to the production of LEGO, which was always Obama's secret plan. The new Presidential residence, the Mixed House, will be built entirely out of LEGO in Nuuk, and the official language of the newly named mega nation, Newbama, will be Obmaese, a mix of American English, Canadian English, and Hawaiian English. Be prepared to use phrases such as, "Hello there, why you stay go, eh?" or, "Hi, would you like da kine stuff, eh?" Unfortunately the annexation of Greenland and the accidental omission of the LEGO trademark from the Mixed House will draw the ire of the sovereign nation of Denmark which will raise the price of LEGO by 327.2% in protest. This will lead to the great Brickster revolt of 2012, not to be confused with the Rush album, 2112, or the ill-fated Boston LEGO party predicted by Nostradamus 203 years after his death, in which LEGO enthusiasts from coast to coast to coast to the Mexico fence build enormous LEGO sculptures of danish pastries in a symbolic howbeit misguided protest against Newbamanian on Danish aggression. The revolt will come to be known affectionately as the LEGOMGWTFPWND!! due to the fact that the sculptures all resembled large piles of feces since they were all built using dark brown bricks. Rather than draw attention to the Obamanian LEGOil crusade, the bricksters inadvertently shame the entire population of Denmark with their excremental creations. The world will laugh off the incident and Denmark will eventually lower the price of LEGO for the Newbamian markets, on the condition that danish pastries not be referred to as steaming turd buns. In an historic commemorative and self-preserving move, LEGO will officially introduce a full line of pastry colored bricks to avoid any such embarrassment in the future. Unfortunately the Obama administration will be marred in scandal when the truth is revealed that new capitol building was built entirely out of Mega Blocks.
  • How about Venezuela instead? Or Mexico? Then there would be no illegal Mexicans, we'd all be Americans.
  • Yeah....sometimes, I like to give cheeky answers to piss off the hideaway trolls. hehehe
  • That would just make it official. There’s an oil boom going on right now. Not in Saudi Arabia or Kuwait or any of those places, but 600 miles north of Montana. In Alberta, Canada, in a town called Fort McMurray where, in the dead of winter, the temperature sometimes zooms up to zero. The oilmen up there aren’t digging holes in the sand and hoping for a spout. They’re digging up dirt — dirt that is saturated with oil. They’re called oil sands, and if you’ve never heard of them then you’re in for a big surprise because the reserves are so vast in the province of Alberta that they will help solve America’s energy needs for the next century. Within a few years, the oil sands are likely to become more important to the United States than all the oil that comes to us from Saudi Arabia. The bonus for Canadians, aside from the treasure, is the notion that Americans might have to start treating them with a little less condescension.
  • Nope. I think it means he'll dismantle our military and get most of us wiped out by nukes from whatever country happens to get us first. Then we won't need to import oil anymore. There won't be enough of us left to use it.
  • Nice cop-out. Talk to me after you to tell me how much money you made by shorting a currency as their main commodity is sky-rocketing and I'll let you know how uch I made. And my "main" focus was not the last 6 months but the fact we get most of our imported oil from canada not the mid-east. And btw Macro-econ is a nice overview but it wont give you the answers to capitalize on
  • He would have to find it on a map first.
  • Before he annexes anything I think it would be prudent for him to find the other 7 of the 57 states he speaks of. Once he does that, Canada here we come.
  • No, I don't believe that the US will be attacking Canada in the near future. It would put a huge riff in my family if they did.
  • I love empty promises about oil from politicians. If you think Obama will stop importing oil, then you need a reality check!
  • ... what? No offense, I don't even like Obama but that sounds too absurd to happen.
  • Lets get 'em, those maple sucking bastards!

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