• They can't legally close the road for an HOUR without a permit from the County, and that permit takes a LONG time to acquire (I used to process the permit applications...) Now, if you live in a deed restricted community and it falls under your HOA rules that all homeowners are equally financially responsible for road maintenance, they may be able to go through with the lien via the HOA... However, the more pressing issue is the road blockage. I would call the local Sheriff's office and put in a complaint, as well as calling the Road and Bridge or Public Works department and report a road blockage. This is illegal and straight up wrong.
  • More information is needed to answer your question. Who owns the road? Is there an easement that gives you the right to use the road? If the owner of the road is the one who is blocking the road, and there is no easement, then everything is legal. Just as you have the right to not let people come on your property, others have the right to not let you come on to theirs. If there is an easement, then you have a right to use the property.

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