• can't believe nobody answered this. you are right. Nursing opens you to a field of anything in any area from children to OB to surgery. Teaching sort of limits you. Nursing will easily get you a is tough today unless you are in an area like special education. you have to decide what interest you the most. Nursing is tough and the courses are very tough but it's very rewarding. with nursing, you can turn down a lower paying job for a higher one. with teaching you may have to accept the first opening. decide if you are more interested in studying the body, mind and healing or working full time with children. Nobody can really tell you what you would be better far as job opportunities, nursing will be better but only you know you.
  • The old days are gone where neither paid well. Nursing pays big money. Teaching pays a lot more than it did. You won't have to worry about money, teaching pays less than nursing, but enough for a good middle class income. It is true that you may have to take a job in a rough part of town or a rural area, but after some experience you will have more options. Do whichever one you like best. Good luck!
  • Do both. There is a severe shortage of nursing professors right now.
  • I think it would be good to do a nursing degree first since it is easy to get a job on graduation. After obtaining some experience in practical nursing you could then opt for clinical nursing which could offer you the opportunities in the teaching discipline. I know of friends who are doing very well as Nursing Tutors in private nursing colleges.
  • You could combine your love for both fields and get into Nursing Education. Stevens-Henager College ( offers a Master's degree in Nursing Education that prepares nurses to be Nurse Educators in a variety of settings including higher education, vocational education, staff development and patient education. The program content focuses on preparing graduates to be conversant with theory and current trends in nursing as well as providing opportunity for students to confront important issues in education and develop skills as educators and teach in a variety of diverse settings. You do have to be a RN to be eligible for this degree, so it will also give you the time to figure out for yourself whether you want to continue practicing nursing or teaching after you finish your BSN degree and become a qualified RN. All the best.
  • i think you should do whatever you want

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