• Cold weather could dry out your skin and cause itching. This happens to me during winter.
  • I just asked the same question, i didnt see yours...I just came back from a walk and had a bad rash on both of my legs, the rash is still there and its been about an hr and a half its really freaking me out.
  • I do have it
  • Yes there is an allergy to cold and if you think you may have it you should visit your doctor because the repercussions of such an allergy can be severe.
  • what you are talking about is dry skin. cold weather makes your skin dry. Dry skin itches. I know exactly what you are talking about! But, for me it happens when i am hot too!!! Anytime you agitate your skin, it can itch. Especially if you have excema. Sometimes, my fiance and i will go walking, and we will have to turn around b/c my skin gets so uncontrollably itchy that i go practically insane! And, he thinks i'm weird. but as soon as i get home i have to get into the bath!!!!! its strange!!! I'm glad you brought this up, b/c i'm going to prove to him now that i am not crazy!
  • not that i know of, maybe you should ask your doctor about it
  • maybe you should move to florida

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