• because mabe it feels good but sometimes hurts them while it feels good
  • Because we enjoy it more! We get more orgasms!
  • because we are much skilled...we can do different things in the same time :D
  • men scream and moan too :)!! once my neighbour asked me what happened the other night, he was about to call 911 :)! i was sooo embarassed..
  • I can make my man scream and moan. ;) No, really, some men are just "afraid" to do it I think. ?? Think they will be less of a man ? Less macho ??
  • Its the diffrence between giving and receiving I think. I doubt if a man feels down there what a girl does.
  • Hell my wife can make me scream and moan. She did that last Saturday. The best ones are when we are both screaming and moaning.
  • It seems that women have a more intense orgasm but we shouldn't let them be the only ones making noise. I don't have a problem getting vocal with her. It makes my orgasm more intense and probably hers to.
  • Becouse my cock is so damn big that they moan and scream with pleasure.
  • I like to hear my men moan. Im not really that vocal myself naturally (maybe thats not natural and is more a result of masturbating in a thin-walled bedroom), but i try to moan more with men to be encouraging when theyre doing something good. So for me, its more a communication form, not an uncontrolable result of pleasure.

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