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  • do you wanna have sex?
  • I don't think you would necessarily want to mention sex directly. If she knows you well enough you think she has an idea of whether of not she wants to be with you you could say "do you want to go back to my place?" or "do you want to be together?" Don't use anything cute or macho. If she is hanging all over your every word and touch you and smiling a lot and laughing at everything you say you probably don't have to ask anything but just steer her away or maybe "Do you want to get out of here?" or "do you want to be alone?" I like when men tell me they have been watching me and find me interesting and want to get to know me better and don't ask at all but honestly declare they want to make love to me. Even if I don't go with them it makes me feel good and puts the idea of being with them in my mind where I might think about it so if they ask me later I am ready for them. But unless you get to know us somewhat first so we can form an idea of you for ourselves there will likely be fewer takers.

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