• I don't really know anything about numerology but I think it would be kindov cool if you got married on May 22nd of 2009. If you add your birth months together you get 5 which is May and when you add your birth "days" together you get 22. It's usually pretty nice weather in May as well..just a suggestion though :)
  • glad that your marriage is fixed..I hope the best for answer your question YES dec 7th is a good date because my cousins wedding is on the same day...In our culture we bring in several astrologists and all kinds of people to decide which date will be the best and they all said dec 7th...Hope that helped...again Have a happy married Life...BYE
  • Is any date good for marriage?
  • I don't know about the marriage date but your birthdates are *completely* incompatible. I hope the numbers in both of your names offset this a bit. You were born on a 1 day, fiance on a 3. Attitude number 4, fiance 5, and life path number, 8 and fiance 3. There will be many challenges for the two of you in your marriage. Life certainly will not be dull to say the least! Best wishes and lots of luck to you!!!

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