• My camera was stolen on a bus in Florence. Not only was it a horrible experience, but I lost all my photos of Venice and Pisa. And I had to go to the police station to make a report. I must say that the police were lovely.
  • Someone nabbed a small bag of souvenirs right off the hurly-gurly after landing at San Francisco from Japan before I even realized it was gone. What a low-life! I had presents for my nephews and nieces in that bag. They weren't all that expensive, but I could not replace them. I guess the leach thought he/she would get some real goodies. I hope the pot it bought was very low grade and disappointing.
  • I was skiing in France and got knocked out by a ski lift and bled profusely onto the beautiful white snow :(
  • I have been fortunate in all my travels. I've been spared car accidents, plane mishaps (although I have been involved in a emergency landing), stolen property, criminal mischief. I have been sick before but not requiring hospitalization, had missing/delayed luggage (but never lost completely) and missed connections (but ultimately made it up somewhere). I count myself as quite fortunate.
  • This is when I was 5 or 6 and it was my fault. We were in Nerja in Spain and I was having a tantrum and refusing to walk any further because my legs were hurting, so my dad picked me up and carried my but unfortunately this left him unable to protetct his belongings. Consequently he got £300 stolen. Also this year in Ibiza my friend got her drink spiked =(
  • We went to Hawaii. They lost our luggage. Turned out they flew it to France. And the entire week, we had nothing. No underwear, no swimsuits, no tooth brush, etc. It took until we had only one day left being there. Not to mention, 3 of us came down with the flu.

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