• I went for Business Computer Programming. I'm in Computer Operations.
  • Yes I am an instrumentation engineer
  • I'm a nurse, at a plastic surgery office. NEVER thought that it was the avenue of nursing I'd fall into. Very shallow, very vain, but with some random moments fulfillment. I did go to school to be a nurse though.
  • Well, I went to college for Early Childhood education and now I'm a stay-at-home mom. So while I am working in that field, I'm not getting paid for it!
  • I went to college to become a philosopher, and I am. However, I do not get paid for it.
  • Went to truck driving school, and still drove a truck some 12 or 13 years later. Could you explain why a job in, say, the accounts receivable department at a picture frame distributer will only hire a college graduate, even if that degree is in, say Art History? One has nothing to do with the other. It would be like going to a trucking outfit, say Overnite for example, and they ask if you went to school and have a certificate. You say "Yes, I went to Memphis School of Butchering and have a certificate and license to butcher." I doubt they'd reply "As long as you've got schooling and a certificate in something, it really doesn' matter what that something is." However, offices across this land do that very thing every day, hire somebody because they went to a school and got a degree, even though the schooling and degree have nothing at all to do with the job at hand.
  • No. My job has absolutely nothing to do with European History.
  • No. Teaching is no longer the career it once was. In my state, it costs too much to teach. Not only does it not pay enough to pay off my first degree, it is law in my state that you have to complete your master's in five years. I couldn't pay for two degrees at the same time on what they were paying me.

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