• No need to use all caps, thanks. In the UK, at institutions such as Oxford (a university) there are an array of colleges to which a student belongs. For example, Theodor "Doctor" Seuss Geisel went to Oxford University and attended Lincoln College. Former Australian Prime Minister was a student at Oxford Unibversity and attended University College. Likewise, Former US President Bill Clinton attended Oxford University and was a student at University College. Rowan "Mr Bean" Atkinson was a student at Oxford and attended Queen's College. Students in the UK generally finish A Levels at age 17 to 18 and then enter the process to enter university. It is not uncommon for a student to take a gap year between finishing A Levels and commencing university level studies. The duration of their time in university depends on the subject they study and the level to which they aspire. A common BSc might require three to four years.
  • Thank you for the clarity of your answer.

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