• No, they don't burn in the traditional sense of the word "burn" (rapid oxidation or other chemical exothermic reaction) They are balls of gas, though, that are powered by nuclear fusion. Younger stars fuse hydrogen nuclei, while older ones fuse heavier atoms such as helium and carbon. The fusion is caused by the massive amount of gravity due to the mass of the gas.
  • They're not really burning, it's just a lot of fusion happening in one place, and all that fusion makes it really god damn hot.....or something. I haven't taken a science class in two years, I don't know.
  • We must have a lot of stars around this place;)
  • No, they are the Lion Kings of the past, looking down on us.
  • By definition , a star is a a celestial body of hot gases... They are very hot, but, burning, I would only use that term lightly.

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