• they come out about wen they are 3-4 `weeks old and you can touch them any time!
  • Baby rabbits stay in the nest for about 4 weeks. They leave the nest when they are about 4" or 5" long and the white diamond shaped patch of fur on their forehead is almost gone.You can touch them at 4 or 5 weeks.
  • They start hopping out at about 3 weeks of age and that is the same age when they can learn to nibble some of their mom's hay. You can touch them on their first day and should to at least check on them each day to see if their tummies are round and full of milk and not wrinkly. You don't need to pick them up but you can touch them. A doe will not abandon them or eat them because you touched them. She is used to your smell and it's just a myth that mother animals do that. Wait until they are around 3-4 weeks old to really start cuddling them and holding them, however.

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