• I found them to be no use to me. Many problems. You get what you pay for. I have a sony and use it to produce music and it is very stable.
  • Dell is one of the best made computers, and has high ratings on their customer service, and tech support. ENJOY
  • Dell computers are fine. Since you will be using your computer for gaming/music/movies look into their XPS line of computers. Those are made especially for media and gaming. You can also look into alienware computers. I have a few friends who have alienware computers and they use them for hardcore gaming.
  • I work marginally in computer sales. When I am speaking to someone about the purchase of a new computer, Dell always always always comes up, probably solely because they are cheap. I tend to steer people away from Dell and in the direction of HP for desktops and Toshiba for laptops. A lot of parts on Dells are completely proprietary, which means you can't just run to the store and buy them (with the exception of hard drives and CD/DVD drives). If they are under warranty, you need to go through a complex returns process. If you are looking for phone tech support from them, be prepared to shell out a lot of money ahead of time for a short answer from an outsourced support department. Dells are not bad, per se, they are just cheaply built and not convenient when it comes to repairing them. If you are looking for a really decent gaming/multi-media center, go to the nearest LOCAL (not Circuit City or Staples) computer store - most who repair PCs will also build them. That way you know exactly what you're getting - and trust me, having the person who assembled your PC right nearby if you need repairs is absolutely invaluable.
  • If you want a decent computing experience, don't get a Dell. It's nothing wrong with them particularly, it's just they're like 99% of all other computer system suppliers: made from cheap, hodge-bodge hardware coupled with poor-quality software, i.e. Windows. To save yourself a lot of money, effort and time over the lifetime of your prospective computer, I seriously recommend you get an Apple computer. The reasons are many: you can play mainstream games natively in Windows, you can do so much on Mac OS X in terms of multimedia (it is brilliant for this) and you get absolutely top-notch quality hardware too. The initial price is more expensive than the cheaper hardware more commonly sold everywhere but in the long run, you get a system that lasts much longer and gives you more enjoyment for your money.
  • yeah they're ok, but i would recommend getting an apple. they are so awesome. they work better than sony. i've got an apple and you can be sure that i'll never go back!
  • yes and no mine crashed while i was on internett and it cost me 240.00 in cash to fix! sorry about any errors in spelling.
  • They are cheap and have nice reputations if you got a stingy wallet and want a good quality cpu go for the dell!!!!
  • The best thing about Dell used to be their customer service-not so much anymore. My Dell laptop bit the big one within 2 years. Dude, don't get a Dell.
  • Don't do it. I had a Dell and was having trouble with it in the first 60 days.... Spent hours upon hours on the phone with customer support... sent a repairman out but he didn't/couldn't fix it... Had to fight with them to get it replaced. They wanted to send me a rebuilt model but I held firm... got a new machine, but it was so not worth the hassle.
  • If you want nothing but HEADACHES and TROUBLE get a Dell; otherwise get a HP or maybe a Apple. I have a dell laptop and have nothing but problems. At least their tech support is helpful when you need it
  • DELL SUCKS, customer service is horrible and their hardware breaks so soon. Do not buy, avoid at all costs. Invest in something better.
  • DELL SUCKS, customer service is horrible and their hardware breaks so soon. Do not buy, avoid at all costs. Invest in something better.
  • 9-29-2017 Dell pre-loads Windows and the bios is programmed to block any non-Micro$oft operating system. SO if you buy Dell you buy Windows and can only load Linux if you replace the bios. Maybe you care, maybe you don't. IMO that is a breach of contract and I will NEVER buy another Dell.

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