• My mom had her period through her 6th month of pregnancy. You need to get tested. If you cannot get a test from a grocery store try searching online for resources like Planned Parenthood in your area. There are clinics or centers where you can be seen for very cheap or even free. Hopefully your boyfriend can help you with this. If not, a friend or family member you trust.
  • i think u should ask a close relative.who u can trust and go 4rm there good luck
  • actually if you wash really well then take atest from the local drugstore...(or buy on eout of town or off ebay) and pee in a cup then test that you wil see if you are preg many women bleed till they are 6 or 7 months preg they even ahve a tv show that shows women that didnt know they were preg until a month or so before or even at birth!! they had had regular periods and what seemed mlike the flu....then boom they had a baby!!
  • well i think your NOT pregnant because you're on your priod right or somewhat gonna have it? so your not pregnant

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