• They might could be visitin' ever day and still not be a livin' at yern crib. Just because they is a comin' and a goin' ever day don't make them a resident. They might could be a frequent visitor.
  • I'm not sure I understand your question, but just because somebody visits you everyday does not mean they reside with you and is not sufficient proof that they do. If it is their primary residence then it should be listed on bills, driver's license, et cetera. Those types of documents are usually considered sufficient proof. Just stating I am at location X everyday isn't. Feel free to clarify in the comments if this does not answer your question.
  • No, You should call the cops and have them removed. If you allowed them to stay with you, ordinarily, to remove an unwanted tenant from your home, you need to file an action for unlawful detainer in the local small claims court. (Everyone who ever had permission to stay with you is a "tenant," even though he overstays his welcome There are tenant laws, for each state, they will vary accordingly. If you could tell me what atste, I could find more accurate information.)

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