• It's Cat Power. I can't find a download, so if someone does...please let me know
  • It sounds alot like Regina Spektor. Check out the song fidelity and see if the vocals sound similar. I am still trying to figure out which song may be in this ad.
  • I also thought it was regina spektor when i heard it :)
  • it's chan marshall aka cat power...doesn't sound anything like regina spektor.
  • Actually it's an artist named Liz Durrett. Some people have said it's Cat Power. Listen to a live version and compare at I am assuming that Zales brought Liz in to record it in studio.
  • My guess is Norah Jones, she has a new album coming out. One of the songs on it is called "Thinkng about you"
  • For all the IDIOTS who keep on saying its Cat Power that is the vocalist on the diamond commercial needs to have another listen. I believe its Liz Durrett. Those of you who said it sounds like Regina Spektor makes more sense then the people who say that is Cat Power when the voice sounds NOTHING like the one in the commercial.
  • I believe her name is Cat Power. 80% sure If it isn't her then it is Feist

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