• Completely self taught, as I know more about computers than anyone in my family.
  • Self training, trial and error and a couple of costly mistakes!
  • Swelf taught, College, government training, and millions of hours of repair shop trouble shooting
  • some self taught, lot of trial & error, 1 yr of free class's on keyboarding and PC basic stuff, some software, then found adult Education school which also gives college credits and began my journey of A+, N+, networking, Comp TIA A+, will go back in Aug, for next class as computer keep changing so much and I still have so much to learn
  • I'm self-taught, mostly.
  • I'm largely self-taught from books, and just messing around for many, many years. I took a few classes in college on digital illustration and graphic design, but I learned only a tiny fraction of what I ended up teaching myself in my own spare time.
  • about several computer classes for 5 or 6 years. self taught at typing. I don't take a typing class.
  • Been using a computer since i was six.So i'd guess self training
  • Self taught by trial and
  • Self taught I guess. Been using computers since high school. Some times I think I was born with it. They just make sense. The only training class I had was a programming class in high school where we used Basic on on Amiga. Oh and a typing class, but it was typewriter typing that just happens to work for computers as well. I am not afraid to try things, so that helps too.
  • All of my computer skills are self-taught.
  • Self-taught (or with a friend), reading and studying other program sources. I had three programming language courses for the humanities in college. Got two jobs based on one of them. As one was going away, started taking another at Ivy Tech, and got one based on my prior and new skills. Then, on-the-job, when the company was changing systems, I was asked to sit with a contractor, and learn the new system's language. Website stuff was playing with Frontpage, learning what to do and NOT to do online, and doing the best I can. I USED to know how to work on PCs, but my son is so much faster and better (and my hands are quite large - so handling those little screws is difficult), I have HIM do it, now. Pretty much self-taught, all along.
  • ... numerous courses over the decades ... starting with "hole punch" and "data processing" in 1975 ... most of my skills were learned from a two year intensive course "computer programmer & systems analyst" in 1992-1994 ... with a whole lot of self taught from books and online ever since ...
  • Self-taught. A lot of looking up stuff online and books.
  • - Schooling - years of computer classes since junior high, starting with DOS - On-the-job training - software companies, design firms, tech support, etc. - Friends in the biz - MCSE's - coders - web dev, etc. - Lots and lots and lots of reading - I own about a million tech books - Trial and error
  • Mostly on the job training.

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