• Well, they can buy their way to be the Governor, buy exclusive seat in the first space shuttle public trip around the earth and to the moon,buy an island paradise in the Pacific or a piece of Antartica,buy some slaves for their entertainments,buy weapons of mass destruction, sponsor the terrorists or support a war somewhere in this planet, sponsor a new religion, buy human parts such as kidneys to replace their defected kidneys,speculate stock markets around the world etc etc for as long as they have the means.Of course they can buy good deeds for the benefits of man kind if they want to such as free hospitals for the poor,food and support equipments for the starvations around the world,sponsor research for AIDS and cancers,sponsor world wide NGOs,buy Universities for the free educations,create more jobs for the economy by buying and expending businesses etc etc.
  • Sure all these things can be nice but they will not bring you happiness. nice to have them just the same but now that you have all you desire it is time to put your money into making yourself feel the reward of helping good causes. Bringing smiles to others faces. Not by giving your money away but smart investments that will aid human kind. In this day in time fuel seems to be high on the market with so much needing to be done to create a cheaper fuel source so that gas prices have to come down. This investment may end up making you even more money but will also help others as well. Start a small business in a small town and hire local people
  • They have this group of man made islands shaped like all of the countries of the world near Dubai. They are selling those to wealthy people. I'm not sure if it's done yet, but it's definetly in the works. The picture on the right is the first completed structure on one of these islands.
  • Donate to charity.
  • Well that is a real problem,and the answer a lot of the time is Heroin,Cocaine etc.
  • people. slaves.
  • A conscience.
  • there are 2 things people like this want to have: power and money. if they have money and all the material possessions they want.. the only thing left is power and global domination.
  • What does it profit a man to gain the whole world but lose his own soul? Such people should be giving to the poor and making investments that will assist them long before they waste so much on personal entertainments.
  • Attorneys, lobbyists, congressmen, thugs and elections.
  • Maybe once the iraq war is over the super rich could donate construction equipment to rebuild

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