• It depends upon your attention to detail. Just like mass produced clothing,if the quality is there then it will look good. Children's handmade clothing is very popular, especially in cute prints or with cute characters on them. Some people who are hard to fit might also like handmade clothing.
  • I've been making clothing for myself and my family for nearly 50 years!! I get quite a lot of compliments but almost nobody knows that I've made it myself.
  • I used to design and make all my own clothes.
  • I certainly like the idea more than buying mass-produced t-shirts at WalMart... I've made a Sex Pistols shirt and a velvet dress, and have taken in some shirts to be waisted, but as I have to sew by hand and am lazy, I don't finish many things. The dress in a slightly crappy picture (it was before I fixed the hem):
  • I flunked out of sewing in Junior High and thought I couldn't do it. Then I saw the news story where a Nike subcontractor was using child slaves as young as six to sew clothes and shoes. I thought, first of all, no one is going to enslave kids to sew my clothes. And secondly, if a six year old can sew clothes and shoes well enough for Nike, why can't I. Three years ago, I bought a cheap machine at Walmart. I started out sewing doll clothes for my daughter for practice. Then I started making her pajamas. I am now sewing all her clothes except Jersey knit, which my machine tends to stuff down the bobbin case. I am sewing all my clothes except Jersey knit and bras. Basically that means I'm buying t-shirts and underpants for both of us. I just bought a mens shirt pattern and some gorgeous flannel and I'm getting ready to start making my husband's clothes. The only clothing I have gotten compliments on in years are the things I've made. Since I make them myself, I can make them to fit. And no clothing looks as good as that which fits properly.
  • I used to make everything for myself and my family. Western wear for my husband, jeans and everything else for me and my kids. Quilts, recovered furniture, toys,... When I became a single parent, working full time, I had to let it go. I miss it.
  • There is nothing like the satisfaction of making it yourself. I love to sew and have made many items for all of my family. Once you get going it is hard to stop. Most of the time they look better than something you would buy and they cost a whole lot less. I have been know to start a project on Saturday morning and not stop till it was done sometime on Sunday. Then I have to rest to go to work so I can get more fabric and start again the next weekend!
  • I love homemade/handmade clothing. I have been sewing since I was 12 years old. (Now 53) It almost seems like a thing of the past for women to sew items at home. Almost all of the fabric stores have closed down in our area of Texas. There is nothing I like better than to see a young person be interested in learning to sew or be creative! I surely wish I could talk my daughter or daughter-in-law into being more interested in home sewing or creating new things, such as taking an old pair of jeans and blinging them up. Maybe one day I can get one of them fired up about it! Cheers to all young ladies who want to sew!!!!!!
  • In my experience, it's not worth the time and effort. If you try to do it for a living, it doesn't pay & customers always try to short change you as they feel your time, effort & expertise are always too much or never worth what you're asking. If you make quantities, you may have an issue finding an outlet for your creations. The only way it pays is if you do it for yourself, children and those around you that appreciate it. Personally, I was always looked down on and snubbed by those around me for doing it and certain people even got offended because I gave them hand made items
  • I made my own prom dress and other clothes people compliment me often...and i just say its designer...It's cool! Sometimes you can pay more making it yourself then buying it so just keep an eye out and have fun...
  • I have sewn for decades, even sewing for other people for about 20 years or more. Sometimes it's economical, sometimes it's for better fit, sometimes it's because I can't find what I'm looking for and I have a terrific design idea, and sometimes it's just because it's fun!
  • I have not however my wife and daughters are very good at it, my oldest daughter made her own prom dress. My other daughter has made tops and things like that. They also have made several quillos, which is a pillow with a quilt inside that folds up to create a pillow when not in use.
  • I don't sew as much as I used to, since my vision is not what is used to be. But, I made barbie clothes when I was around 8, then tops and pants in my teens. Made some nightgowns a few years back. Make sure your pattern fits you right, tho. Sometimes you have to add or take away from it, since no one is that perfect size.

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