• you can't conrol it and it gets worse with time. and some addictions can kill you.
  • No clue. And, I think it's wrong to call any addiction a disease because it gives people an excuse not to help themselves.
  • i think sex addiction is disease by itself.
  • a disease is considered an infection, and to have an addiction(being compared to a disease) of course would be considered a problem.. in both cases, some addictions are easy to cure , and like some diseases , they are not... well im not sure if i am making myself clear but i tried... =/
  • i have an allergic reaction to alcohol - i break out in stupid - so i dont drink anymore
  • Addiction is like a "Chronic" disease (long-term). As opposed to an "Acute" disease which is temporary (like chickenpox, measles, or appendicitis).
  • At first it is always a choice to try drugs or alcohol but over time (depending on what you are doing it could be a week or years) it becomes something that you can't control. You want to stop because you know it's taking over your life and it's ruining everything but all you can think about is how you want it and eventually, you need it.
  • I suppose if someone wants to blame anything but themselves. As far as I'm concerned it isnt a disease you can help yourself, by claiming its a disease you pretty much tell me that you dont want help. So in my opinion addictions are not diseases. Just a self-inflicted problem, like self-injury.
  • I do not consider addiction a disease... just an evolved craving. my only addiction ever was mild, bacon. I would go to teh store, buy a pound of it, fry it up and eat it plain. I quit cold turkey, stopped craving it after 2 years and waited one more year before eating it at all, now I can eat it in moderation.
  • i dont believe its a disease at all. its your brain not functioning right because its being altered in ways its not suppose to be
  • Addiction is definitely a disease. This is why some people get addicted and others dont. Ever wonder about that? Some people have certain chemicals in their brains (most say addiction is passed down through genes from parents) that make them more receptive to addictions. I am not a doctor and do now know the technical terms, but work with addicts everyday. Yes people make the choice to start using drugs, but most addicts cant just stop. That is what makes them an addict. To say its not a disease is ignorant.
  • I don't think it is. And I'm a former NA attender until I realized that I hated all those people becasue they sounded like me. Then I chose to grow a pair, grow up, stop crying about shit, get a backbone, stop making excuses and well, here I am and my rent is paid. Miracle? No. Accountability? Yes.
  • Keeps getting worse?
  • its hard to get rid of

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