• A loving one, and... ... with a swimming pool and spacious garden :)
  • I like "split-level homes." I find the interior design lay-outs to stay interesting, longer. without sacrificing functionality.
  • The kind I own now. The kind where I got a 15 year fixed rate mortgage that'll be paid off in less then 8 years from purchase date. The kind that'll help me retire by the time I'm 55 becuase I am able to negotiate a good deal on my own, not crying to Congress for help.
  • i have to live in a house that is beautiful, feminine and modern, i dont care what size it is, provided it makes me feel at home, where i can happily lock myself away :)
  • I love log homes, rustic homes. These are photos of our house that my husband and I built together, just the two of us with not much other help.

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