• yeah... im nice like that :(
  • Sure--wonder what 25cents can buy
  • No I would not. I'm not an enabler. I would buy him food if he'd accept that.
  • Oh no...I'm bitter.
  • No, but I might give him some food.
  • I usually go to the closet KFC or Macs and by them a meal.
  • Nope. Couple of bad experiences watching folks I'd given food to...go back into store I got it from and come out without food but with beer, etc. Nope. Nada.
  • yes, never give up on people - a total stranger pulled me out of the hell i had made of my life and i hope to pass that on someday
  • No, I am a pastor's wife and our policy is to buy or donate food to the homeless.
  • yeah, if I had any. I usually use my debit card to pay for most everything! I'm just a giving person...
  • Of course I would! In fact, I bought some gin for a guy once. He seemed nice, lol.
  • yes, maybe i can help for him to die faster, cause it seems that he doesn't want to live in the real world anymore.
  • I mean if he asked me for what I could spare with shame in his eyes, sure, why not.
  • No way, if he's thirsty, I would buy him a bottle water. That liquor store might be why he's homeless.
  • First I wouldn't because I barely have money for me and my family and second even if I did I would buy him something to eat not give him money because most likely if I gave him money he would want to spend it on booze
  • I never give the homeless or beggars any money. I do take them to a diner and pay for their meal. I will buy them food from a store, I will give them work, I will feed their animals. But I will not give them money.
  • Yep. I often give panhandlers a buck or two. Though I hope they'll use the money to get some food, I realize that chances are good that they'll use it to buy a bottle. Regardless, I give freely and with no expectations or caveats. My motives are honorable and that's all that matters, as far as I'm concerned.
  • you bet There for the Grace of God go I
  • Meh, yeah, I'll throw a homeless guy or girl some change if I have it. I know there's a good chance that he will spend it on booze or whatever. But, you never know.
  • No, to anyone panhandling I would not give any money. I would ask if they were OK. Physically, they might need to go to the emergency room, you never know. I would also go to the corner and buy them a sandwich or some sort of meal. I would not give them actual currency.
  • Yes I definitely would. I've been homeless, I fell on some really bad times, but thank God I was able to find work and eventually get back on my feet. Many people are not so lucky, or they have neurological disorders that prevent them from functioning properly in society. In most cases the system has already failed them. Non-profit organizations are still in it just for the money. I know because when I finally got a part time job and was moved out of the United Way homeless shelter to go into public housing they slapped me with a bill for $7 per night for the four months I had stayed there. Then the housing authority charged rent proportional to my income, to the order of 30% off of the gross. Getting out of that life is HARD. It takes dedication and resolve. There were people who had lived there for generations. Some people should have been in monitored care. I'll never forget the old veteran who lived below me who could no longer digest food. I tried to feed him, but he he just couldn't keep food down any more and eventually withered away and died. The system had forgotten about him. When I see a homeless person who wants a drink, it's on me.
  • i have done it before... people accuse me of promoting bad behavior... but having had to panhandle myself in a desperate situation i am willing to contribute if i have loose change.
  • No, but I'd give him a sandwich.
  • No but I would pull a couple of beers out my case...
  • Yes , i have given money to homeless and beggers a lot of times and i have bought them meals , i dont think it matters what they do with the money its the fact that they are in need .. and if i am able to help them then i will, I have never been in that situation but if i was i would want someone to help me..
  • no, they'll just buy liquor, i might find them food instead

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