• I use a rice cooker
  • I do. I'm actually planning to start cooking some here in about an hour for our dinner.
  • Yes I use a steamer.
  • I thought everyone could cook rice. But yeah I can, I wouldn't hate people if they couldn't though. My hubby can't cook a dang thing but I still love him.
  • No, I don't know how to cook rice but I would hope that you could find something else about me that you like.
  • What kind of Rice do you like? par-boiled, stickey, cooked in a Foil pack over a Campfire or as a Risotto?
  • LOL! I know how to cook rice, but if I didn't, I would learn how to just because... you're way too funny to not like me! HAHA
  • Of course I know how to cook rice. I love rice...
  • Yes! Boil a pot of water, drop a bag of instant rice.
  • Yes I do. All kinds. So... before you engage in conversation with anyone, you ask if they can cook rice, so you don't accidently like them before finding out that piece of information? or is this only in the context of someone who is going to cook for you?
  • A number of ways... 1) Put the pouch in the microwave until hot. ;-) 2) Equal parts of water and Minute Rice with a bit of butter/margarine and salt. Boil the water with the salt and the butter. Pour the rice in. Stir until all is wet. Put on lid... Wait about 5 minutes or so. (For different flavors, mix in Ragu Cheese Sauce (any kind), add diced meat or veggies, canned veggies, garlic salt, etc.) 3) Follow the directions on the box. 4) Look up a recipe on the internet. Does any of that count? ;-)
  • Sure I read the directions. We have a rice cooker but I found that rice comes in some many partially cooked varieties and uncooked varieties that directions are crucial.
  • Generally it's 2 parts water to 1 part rice. Boil water. Put rice in. Boil for a couple minutes, (the time it takes to listen to a short song) stirring. Mix spoonful of oil in (I use olive) (margarine or butter can also be used). Put lid on and simmer for 15 or so minutes. Freeze excess for microwave.
  • I don't like people who think knowing one rice recipe or having a rice cooker equates to "know how to cook rice".
  • you shouldnt be judging people on whether they can cook rice or not
  • Your rice sucks.

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