• I am so sorry about your cat. I think the only way to get some closure would be you could take the dog's owners to small claims court. In that, they must find there was neglegence on the side of the owners. For example, if there is a leash law, and that dog was not leashed, and came into your yard, they were neglegent. Give it a try and good luck.
  • Forget it and get another
  • you could try suing
  • I don't really know but wanted to say sorry for your loss. We sure love our pets a lot! I would pursue something if the owners are careless jerks and don't think their dog needs to be leashed. But if it was a mistake (Huskies are notorious escape artists and have a high prey instinct) and the owners are good people I'd leave it alone. That's just me. I bet your local animal shelter could give some guidance if you want to pursue something

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