• Tell your boss nicely and politely with strong mind that you want to find another job. ok!
  • Make sure that your new job is definite, then send him a memo of your resignation.
  • There is a lot to consider here. what type of job do you have? does it have a pension? if so, you have been there almost 10 years, which is the watermark for being vested, in government and some private industries. do you have medical benefits? can you or your family survive without benefits, until a new job is secured? These are tough questions to consider, before switching jobs. will you make the same, less or more money? I hated working in a job that i had once. worked there one year, quit and went to college. So many people are stuck in a job they hate. they cannot afford to leave, because of the benefits. I would say this.....if where you are employed now does not have a pension, benefits, or provide a decent salary, then look elsewhere. go ahead and make the move before you get any older. By the way, why are you afraid of your boss?
  • Find a new job "First" that you are happy with, THEN give your notice at work, if you tell him before finding something else he may get uptight and get rid of you before you get a line on something else, then you will have no paycheck for awhile. but if it is the money at your current job that you are unhappy with, then you could let him know first, he may then give you a raise,the hours you prefer, etc.... just to keep you on.
  • Don't tell him until you have found other employment. Then you can just give him your resignation. It can be really scary changing jobs after a long time, but don't be. He might be shocked - he might even offer you a huge pay rise or promotion, but your life is far more important than your boss's feelings.
  • You must feel a tie to your boss to even want to share this with him. Do you feel like you will hurt him if you leave? Nine years is a long time to be somewhere. Could you possibly ask your boss to change a few things to make your job more acceptable to you? Would you feel comfortable in telling him you are a little bored or something like that that is non-threatening and maybe ask for some new responsibilities? I quit a job I had for 15 years. After I did I found out I had it a lot better there than I was seeing. It is not always easy to build up senority and the emotional benefits it has.
  • if you say you want to leave you job and have been there for 9 years ,and you feel unhappy now ,i think as long as you have a job to go to ,i would talk to your your boss that you have another job to go to and you feel that the time has come for you to move on and really if you have given him 9 years good service he should be o.k to talk too and plus it is better to do something about the situation ,or it will continue to make you unhappy and more than likely affect your work and to be straight with you it is your right to choose what you want to do.
  • If you have another job lined up for certain then tell the boss. He doesn't own you. No one should be unhappy at a place they spend the majority of their week, or life. Just make sure, especially during this rotton economy, that you have a new job secured first and good luck:)
  • Find a new job then hand in your notice to your current employer.
  • If you're scared of your boss, that is definitely more reason for you to leave as opposed to staying any longer. Find another job, confirm it, hand in your resignation to your current boss. You're already not happy. You need to leave.

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