• I, on behalf of all men, resent the title "average men" or "average man", for you can be average without being married or with kids.
  • I am about 2 inches bigger than average,but that being said I would either flip them off or tell them to fcuk off one of the two.
  • I'd do nothing. Anyone can call you names. Just blow it off. Not a big deal. Now, if he called me a fag, said he was going to kick my ass and came charging toward me, self-defense dictates I wouldn't hold anything back.
  • I would first explain to my children (were I to have any) how inappropriate and bigoted such language is, and then demonstrate that the only good response is to ignore such rudeness. Demeaning and/or insulting speech has different effects on different people. You cannot predict who will have what reaction.
    • BlanesGirl09
      Great answer!
  • Tell the children that you don't know why he is calling you a cigarette. Then pretend to be gay to scare them off.
  • I would insult them back, and then it would probably erupt into the butt wooping. You gotta have your pride.
  • Explain to my kids that everyone wants to break off a piece of daddy, and when certain people realize they can't have my perfectly sculpted hind quarters and chiseled jaw, they resort to angry name calling. I'll go on to explain that it's part of the burden of being ridiculously good looking, and something that they'll have to get used to since they share my genes.
  • I'd loot and riot in the town where it was allowed to happen. And burn down my neighborhood for good measure. Cause that always works.

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