• they will play free games until they get arthritis... or maybe they buy other things who knows??? sorry you got screwed
  • Ohhh snap I just realized what you said. They hackd your xbox live account, found the credit card and used it...really smart actually. Anyways. If they purchased something online, then you could probably get the police involved to try and find out where the products are being shipped to. That will be his address. or if he bought stuff in town with that number (doubtful) then you can probably find out what town the stuff is in, and track him by that. Either way, you need the police involved. Also, I believe they would be guilty of theft.
  • The credit card company are within their right to refuse a refund as the card was not reported lost/stolen - sad but true. However, if you claim that there are fraudulent items on your account they must place them in dispute until you agree the outcome - tell them you will not be paying the $200 as it needs proper investigation and the culprit found and charged. In the meantime they should also help you with providing details on where/how the card was used to make those purchases - this information you can take to the police and trace the thieving gits who did this to you. Good luck!
  • The Credit Card number is not visible, so they can only use it on my account. That means the only transactions they can make are buying videos, and other things off the Xbox Live Marketplace. Now that thats cleared up, is there anyway they can be traced now? Do you even think Microsoft cares enough to investigate?

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