• I believe I read somewhere juvenile records are sealed after you turn adult. The only thing that will affect going to college is bad grades in high school. Even then some 2 year colleges will let you attend. The reason you would get turned down is some colleges expect a 3.5 average grade out of high school and a high ACT or SAT.
  • It sure can.
  • No, if anything it may give you a leg up. If you have turned yourself around, you can write an essay about how you learned from your mistakes. Colleges like to know that students have some life experience behind them and that they have learned from their experiences; however, if your crime was one that endangered another, then you may be out of luck if you reveal the information to them. Colleges need to ensure that the students attending their college are safe.
  • depends on if they miss school while incarcerated... sure it could☺
  • i would hope not

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