• Yes my mothers death did it for me. But I am past all that depression,grieving etc. now.
  • Not confused... the reason that I was NOT confused (could see things very clearly), led me to feel lonely , broken and suicidal.. once in my life... once I overcame that, I am alone, broken but still not suicidal...
  • if right now countsss
  • Yes, right now looseing the love of my life. I'm no longer full, happy, i'm broken I don't know how to move past, confused yes, alone definalty and suicidal extreamly. If my mom weren't a live I'd be gone by now. No reason why she should suffer for my choices.
  • Yes. I remember walking down the sidewalk and struggling against the urge to just lie down right there on the sidewalk and simply stop... everything. I still can't explain what I was thinking, I know it didn't make any sense, but that's all I wanted to do.
  • more than once. last time i literally cried for 6 hours straight and didn't sleep for 55 hours i think midterms were that week or right before i got so sick i threw up not cool at all
  • Yes :)
  • Unfortunately, yes. Sometimes the pain is unbearable, but so far I have always managed to make it past those points in my life. I hope all of you do, too!
  • Yes. Only once or twice, everyone goes through it, and I'm sure I'll go through it again if a close family member (or another friend) dies. I think thats why its always a good idea to have a shoulder to lean/cry on.
  • Yeah, more than once.
  • time...I will never forget it :(
  • I call those times "Days that end in a 'Y'"....;-D...
  • Quite a few times. Complete despair and thankfully I made it through.
  • yeah i have it's not nice being in that dark place
  • Yes. life happens. lol
  • Yes. My first love had cheated on me with two of my friends, the friends had told other friends and they all decided to make him break it off with me. They got angry when they assumed I was angry at the friends that had cheated, when I was just wanting to forgive and forget. My best friend at the time had been one of the friends that had fooled around with my boyfriend, and she still doesn't trust that I've forgiven her and has been suspicious and bitter towards me since then. My mother had told me that she didn't trust me and so wasn't helpful at this time. I was completely alone and completely betrayed. I didn't see the point in going on, but I was too afraid to do it. I've now made a point of living each day as if it were my last so if that time comes again I'm ready.
  • not so much emotionally but psychologically yes... things have been happening that seem so coincidental and impossible that it makes me begin to believe in destiny... the thought that there is a supernatural guiding force or forces has always been on my impossible list until now. i swear that my house has a ghost, or i have picked up a strange case of sleepwalking.
  • yes i have too many times i think. but i'm a survivor and i always return to my strong self eventually, those moments in life always tend to help you realize things that you may have not in the past.
  • Yes, I attempted suicide when I was young. I couldn't accept the fact that I was gay.
  • A few times. I'm currently fighting it again.
  • If this has to do with a love lost, many of us know how you feel. It seems like nothing could possibly hurt so much and it's sheer torture. I remember feeling that way a few times, the first time in my twenties.... I was more devastated than I thought was possible. Now, I never even think of the guy and can't even remember what it was I loved about him. The feelings completely dissipated. All it takes is time. The pain will go away. I promise. Hang in there.

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