• Big #1 Bloomburg, #1 Trump, #7 Gates, #5 Buffet and # 1 Winfrey. maybe I just don't like rich people. The only one with a brain is gates. In my humble opinion.
  • Bloomberg 10, Buffet 10, Gates 7, Winfrey 7, Trump 1. Bloomberg and Buffett have actively fought for higher taxes on multimillionaires. You have to hand it to them for that. Gates is giving a large share of his money to charities and his wife is active with them. I wouldn't trust Trump. He has screwed bondholders, he has torn down buildings in NYC before they could be Landmarked (legal, but really not ethical) With all his money does he have to be such a publicity hound and be so nasty?
  • Bloomberg 10, Buffet 9, Gates 8, Winfrey 8, Trump 0. I'm crazy for Mike Bloomberg. He's a good guy. I trust him 100%. Except for Trump the rest are okay.
  • 10's for Buffett and Bloomberg 9 for Gates (he seems a little stiff) 9 for Oprah I like her charity work. Zero for Trump. No class, just money.
  • write in candidate: Michael Jordon --I think he makes the billionaire team. I give him an 8. Bloomberg--10 Trump -- 2 Buffett --10 (some one said he is not smart. Not only is he a self-made billionaire, but also he is a top rated bridge player. Oprah --6 Jordan --8 Gates --10 < yes, he is a geeky guy, but his philanthropic work is comparable to Carnegie and Rockefeller.> GREAT QUESTION
  • The only one I really have strong feelings for is Bloomberg. The others get 5's and 6's. Trump gets a 1.
  • First Bloomberg 10 Gates - Buffet 9 Winfrey -8 Jordon - 7 Trump -0
  • A tie at 10 for Bloomberg and Gates A 9 for Buffet A 7 for Winfrey (used to be higher ..) A 5 for Trump (used to be lower ..)

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