• yes my husband had the snip 10 years ago and i recently found out i was pregnant he informed me he did not go to follow up checks so the little tadpoals jumped bridge eh
  • I hope not. I'm seeking a vasectomy and I hope that it will be permanent. And I hate children.
  • Yes it is possible. I know of a such almost ended in divorce because he said she had to have cheated. Turned out it was his and when they checked him out he had an extra set of vas deferens that the dr. did not notice, he never went back the first time to have it checked before using it again without protection but made sure he did the second time around.
  • if the final test of ejaculate shows no sperm... the answer is no. if the woman is cheating on her partner or gets raped.. then the answer is yes.
  • Maybe, by someone else.
  • It is possible for a vasectomy to spontaneously reverse, it is rare however, and even if it does, the sperm may no longer be viable, which is why surgical reversals sometimes don't work.
  • anything's possible
  • Not if it is done right. You need to have follow-up testing to make sure (and use condoms) for at least a year or so....after that it's a done deal.
  • Yup, it is. One of my ex-wives sisters was born that way. Seems their dad got the vasectomy done after their 3rd child was born, and after approx 10 years, their 4th child came along. It nearly destroyed their marriage until a trip to his urologist proved he was fertile again, and the surgery had been botched.

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