• lots, usually things that were made or bought for me.
  • *Sob sob* My jeans! They got ripped! The threads got too thin and ripped! MY JEANS!
  • my gold lame thong
  • My coat that I got at a breaking benjamin concert <3 Dunno waht I would do without it!
  • Yes. I have dozens of old clothes that I inherited from my father, both t-shirts he printed himself, and just old jeans and jackets and such that he's had since he was my age. My dad was a real packrat, especially when it comes to clothes, so I have pretty much a full wardrobe of very old, often ripped up and stained, clothing (including old, ripped up and stained socks and underwear) that carries variable levels of emotional significance for me.
  • My friend and I say YES!
  • I have a gorgeous mink coat, tuxedo style, that I bought in 1989 at the height of "elegance" when Dynasty was on tv. Don't need it very often but can't bring myself to get rid of it.
  • Yes. My son was badly burnt when he was 3, and I still have his hospital gown.
  • Yes...I think if we all think about it we all have at least one piece of clothing that is sentimental. The one that comes to mind right away is a Raiders sweater I got from a love interest/friend and it smells like him. I love to cuddle up with it. I also always wear a red shirt on Friday's. It was kind of a thing me and a coworker starter, and since he recently passed it is something I continue to remember him. :o) Love you always Mike!
  • Oh yeah! I get EXTREMELY attached to my favorite clothes! It's because I find so few clothes that "fit right" and that are comfortable! I used to have 3 "Rude Dog" t-shirts (that MYSTERIOUSLY disappeared), that I would have NEVER parted with! Same with an old "Thompson Cigar Co." ball-cap! But, yes, I get attached to just a few, and I seldom wear anything else, LoL!
  • A fuzzy blue shirt. My friend loaned it to me and I never gave it back. It has a few burn marks in it from when he used to do drugs, so it is a nice reminder that he hasn't touched any in 12 years.
  • Everything ever given to me by someone I love..or that I inherited (I have some of my mom's sweaters and coats that my sis gaven me after my mom died). I am unable to get rid of such things, no matter how threadbare, until they disintegrate from washings or get so thin they become diaphanous...then if possible I use them for dust cloths or just keep them somewhere. Jim says I am extremely sentimental..I guess I am! :)
  • yeah baby - i couldnt live without my noo-noo
  • I don't know about "emotionally attached," but I have some clothes that I really like. Some of the t-shirts are irreplaceable!
  • I do. I have a sweatshirt with Snoopy and Woodstock on it. My sister picked up my son (he was 5 then, he's 20 now) after my daughter was born. He was just getting into everything and I was exhausted so she decided to take him off my hands for a while. She took him shopping and he picked out the sweatshirt for me, along with a card that said "Congratulations on your 50th wedding anniversary"! I still have them both!
  • Yes a dress i got for a special occasion.:-)
  • yeah, a jacket which belonged to my late mother, i can still smell her perfume off it and i have it hanging in my wardrobe, i wouldnt part with it for the world.
  • Yes several things for different reasons.
  • I wouldn't classify it as "emotionally attached", but yes, I do have clothes that I do not want to give up for certain reasons.
  • No ..nothing.
  • Only my concert t-shirts.
  • Yes, My mother knitted me a red sweater before she passed away. It still fits me and is in very good condition. I only wear it a few times a year, but I love it, and would never give it away. Have a wonderful 4th of July!!
  • Actually yes. At the age of 12 I had my father purchase my first item off of the internet, it was a T-shirt that had an anime character on it. I wore it religously and I recall alot of the periods of teenage depression I wore the shirt. It's now almost worn away the image and has the sleeves almost torn off, but I see it and remind myself that dawn comes after the darkness and all I had been through. (Ok, it sounds lame, sorry to give you a book)

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