• I didn't.
  • I haven't had a pet die on me yet. I'm not looking forward to it.
  • I have had different reactions. From just a day to still crying today after losing my beloved Girl 7 years ago.
  • You didn't even get a cat yet and you are worried about losing the cat that you don't have. Gee, you really worry a lot don't you? I cried for several days and somtimes when I hear a certain song or two, I get teary eyed and miss certain cats I had. When you have six dead cats, it's quite sad. I just try to love the 4 I have now.
  • I did quite a lot of crying when my first pet cat Magali died, I was calling for her at 2am and when she came to my call she was run over by a truck and died on my arms! :(
  • I cried when my 1st puppy "Salty" died when I was 4 or 5 years old, but not since (with any of my other pets, I don't know why). BUT, I gaurantee I will "bawl" like a baby when the time comes for the little mutt I have now, to go! For some reason, this one has stole my heart like no other pet I have ever had. Her name is "Ebby", (short for Eboni).
  • I cried on and off for about three weeks when my cat died. id had him fourteen years.

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