• Personally, I can't, because I agree with him... Sorry.
  • I don't think he was interested in the whole subject.. so just leave it there... sounded like an old man
  • I don't think he's necessarily being stubborn. I have to say I agree, sorry. Obviously a watch shouldn't be half a metre in radius and gold plated (and so forth) but other than that the way it looks is rather irrelevant, personally speaking. It is a tool for telling the time after all. Call me a functionalist if you will... That said since the advent of clocks on mobile 'phones I don't even wear a watch anymore. I suppose if you see a watch as more of a fashion item then that's fair enough as well. Each to their own and all that...
  • Give him a $10,000 watch and he'll sell it for the money. I would too. I can't understand why people blow so much money on things like that. I heve much better things to do with my money. If you're glass is overflowing though, buy whatever you like that makes you happy.
  • ... it is a piece of wearable artistic jewelry that ALSO tells the time ...
  • Count your blessings. Many people would WANT to wear an expensive watch and you'd have to come up with the money to buy one to make them happy. Buy him a cheaper watch and spend the rest of the money on him in other ways :). That way, you increase his happiness 10 fold!
  • I agree with him. I just cant grasp how anyone could spend a large amount of money on a watch. Whats the purpose? What does having an expensive watch prove?
  • Go buy one for $1800.00 then try to explain it to him. I get my watches from Wal-Mart for $5.00 to $12.00 and they keep excellent time. But a good pocket watch, now, is another story.
  • If you ask me, he's right. The main purpose of watches *Is* telling time, after all. On the other hand though, a Rolex is not a watch, it's an extravagant piece of jewelry that happens to tell time. Really, I guess it depends on your point of view. If you want a watch, spend ten dollars and get yourself a plain watch that keeps time well; if you want a piece of jewelry, spend ten thousand dollars and get yourself a Rolex.
  • A Rolex seems like a waste of money to me. I'd rather have a decent car or a down payment on a house.
  • If I were a this guy and I was hearing this I would be telling myself: high-maintenannce girl, will spend all her money AND mine, get out. Also, he is aloud to have his opinion and you should respect it.....seeing that on top of it, it makes really really good sense!

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