• No it is not the children might get frightened wondering why his parents are fighting and might think his parents might get divorced. It is also a bad example and might lead your kid to having bad personalitys
  • although it isnt good for the kids i do think it happens in most households from time to time
  • Depends on how they "argue". If the parents are level headed, and end thier arguments in comprimise with a kiss, I think it's great to do in front of your kids. Wether you fight or argue in front of your kids, your still fighting/arguing and kids are Way better than us at picking up on emotional cues.
  • No, not if the arguing spirals out of control and it turns into a shouting match or insult session. Even worse if it's a constant ocurrence. If possible it's best to have a discussion without the kids present. I have been guilty of that. On ocassion my temper flared and I have raised my voice and became way too upset (not insults, though) and a "please don't fight with mommy" from my kid was enough to see the harm it could cause to him. We continued the discussion afterwards in a calmer manner.
  • If you know how to express their emotions healthily, then you shouldn't worry about expressing them in front of your kids. In other words, if the parents can fight without flying into a rage, getting destructive, taking out their anger and frustration inappropriately, etc. then fighting in front of the kids isn't going to hurt them. Not that it's not okay to get angry or upset in front of your children, it's just important to keep things "Real" and express your emotions appropriately and keep things in proportion. You teach your kids how to express their emotions, so as long as you can control your emotions and not turn into some raging abusive monster during a fight with your partner... Go ahead and argue in front of your kids as much as you like, it's good for them to see a healthy model of how to handle disagreements. I think people underestimate just how much parents teach their kids; Everyone gets into disagreements, everyone gets angry, people need to learn how to handle those things, and if they don't learn functional ways of doing that from their parents, then they may not learn them at all.
  • Absolutely 100% no way.
  • Yes it is, because we shouldn't paint the false picture that everything is perfect....A relationship has it's up, and downs...Making it work is hard at times, and our children need to know that it is.
  • No, I think it does quite a bit of emotional damage, particularly to younger children who may think it's somehow their fault.Fighting in general should be avoided or when you now one is coming, you should at least have them leave the room or the house if you can.Fighting in front of them will only make them feel scared you don't love each other any more and they'll fear losing one or both of you.When you fight in front of your kid, your causing them a lot of emotional pain they shouldn't have to deal with.Doing so is completely irresponsible and intolerable.
  • a disagreement sure, but fighting i think shouldn't be used in marriage anyways arguments should be between husband and wife, children don't need to deal with their parent's problems
  • I remember seeing my mom and dad get in these huge fights when I was little, which included my mom throwing coffee mugs at him. I usually hid in my bed so I was free of any airborne hazards, but I don't think parents should do things like that in front of their kids. It's okay to argue of course, but in a way you'd like your children to handle disputes when they're older. I'm certainly not saying it out of spite, and later my dad always came back to try and reassure me, so there's always that. Argue, maybe, depending. Fighting, no. Obviously all children will see it in their lives at some point, but maybe they can deal with it better by growing up in a healthy and secure household instead of always being edgy.
  • Well they fight and argue in front of us parents, so why not us in front of them?
  • It depends on what kind of fighting. If it's respectable arguing back and forth, without cussing and insulting, then yes, it is o.k. because it gives the child a dose of reality, and it shows the child that relationships can't be perfect and you can't just up and leave the moment things get unpleasant.
  • No because your teaching your child that it okay to yell and scream at one another. you should what you child to have respect for you and if your fight with one another in front of them then they think that behavior is acceptable. They will say you do it why can't I.
  • i dont think so, my parents used to do that all the time when i was growing up and i hated it
  • i dont think so, my parents used to do that and it made me uncomfortable
  • i dont think so, my parents did that and i hated it

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