• The T-Rex. The US soldiers would be too busy killing each other to pay attention to the dinosaur.
  • Unarmed they wouldn't stand a chance, but with uzis and bazookas they could take care of business.
  • The Dinosaur would win... Soldgiers dont stand a chance.
  • The U.S. infantry. They have M60s to blow this bustard to pieces.
  • Depends on weaponry and arena. Dinosaur is large and can make sudden, catastrophic, unpredictable movements. M-16's are not going to stop the T-Rex before he mauls 6 or 8 of the men. M-203's(40 mm grenade launcher on some M-16's) will do extensive concussive damage as well as possibly blow off key limbs. A vehicle mounted M-2 .50 cal. Browning machine gun would put it down at 700 meters with about 1 belt of ammo fired in the right places. Given room to maneuver, the right weapons, and reasonable cover opportunities, Squad will prevail against what is essentially a big elephant with teeth that will be taking damage from 12 directions almost from the outset of the battle. In a closed space with no cover. the men will get whipped, crushed, or mauled pretty quickly.
  • With todays weapons a T-Rex would not stand a chance.
  • The squad of infantrymen. Assuming they are equipped for battle, it wouldn't be much of fight if there were any distance between the dinosaur and the squad.
  • I am going to have to go with the T-rex on this one. I mean we really dont even know how strong the T-rex skin is. A grenade would definately help a lot so one good placed grenade would injure it enough. I think that the T-rex would still win, I mean it is just too big. I guess going for the eyes would help as well, but the t-rex isnt just going to stand there, and the eyes are positioned at a weird spot on the body. Go dino!!!
  • I think one infantry man with an m-60 will make short work of T. Rex
  • The poor widdle T Rex would be blown up by the mean old men.
  • Anybody want another T-Rex burger? Man, that's good eatin'!
  • I think the guys would win out with big enough weapons
  • Let's look at the tale of the tape: T-Rex: Lethal at 25 yards M16A4 Rifle: Lethal at 600 yards And that's just the standard issue bag of tricks. I'm going with the military.
  • One clever T-Rex. Talk about a sonic assault.
  • Depends on where they were and what equipment the infantry had, and how much training they had.
  • The squad of men, if they were packing 249 SAWs, mortors, M4's with M203 'nade launchers, Bazookas, USAU-12s, Barrett XM500 (capable of going through a thick cement wall and into enemy's head).... Hands down it would be them.
  • Didn't you ever play Turock? Marines trumps Dino!
  • us infantry because the have missle launchers and grenade launchers that can destroy higly armored tanks so i dnt thin a dinsaurs skin wud help much

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