• Reiki doesn't cure anything. Reiki is meant to be used in addition to medical care and should never be subsititued for going to the doctor.
  • To my knowledge, there is no *cure* for epilepsy. If a person is open to Reiki (or other complementary treatments,) it might help a person feel calmer, but it won't do anything to cure the condition.
  • I dont believe there is any known cure to epilepsy as of yet, in the scientific feild and you should never do anything with out consulting your doctor(Nurologist)first. Reiki is a new age form of alternative therapy.For example when people go to the doctor and they, just say to go home and rest (eg with the flu)it will work its way out of your system and there is nothing that they can do but rest, and let it work its way through. That is when you can use reiki and noting you have consulted the medical profession and done the right thing.

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