• 100% correct. if you do not have the same interests, your relationship will fail. if you like country music and she likes heavy metal, you are off to a bad start. but, and i say but, sometimes opposites attract each other in the beginning. it generally never lasts and each goes their separate ways. You need similar interests for this reason: after together, for a while, you begin to understand each other. this means knowing which buttons not to press, to upset your partner. similar interests are necessary in food, music, drinks, travel, movies and so on. It just makes a relationship so much smoother, if both partners have the same interests.
  • Me and my girlfriend have different interests and have been going out for 15 months, no problems. Sure it's good to have SOME things in common, that way you can have some equal ground, but it would be very boring if you had EVERYTHING in common.
  • Country music and heavy metal may normally be a way to be off to a bad start, but showing what you like to her may show her that you want to enrich her life. She likes you for that then tells you no country music. That is life- try something else.
  • A mutual interest in sex with each other is helpful. Seriously, I think it's far more important to have shared values than shared interests. If you have shared values, differences in interests are easily dealt with. It does help for partners to listen actively to the other's interests and to participate vicariously at important times. If you share some interests that's certainly a bonus, but it isn't necessary for a successful relationship.
  • to a certain point. if you share every interest, the relationship is a gonner. but if you have none, its even worse. it should be to where you can both agree on certain things with each other, with an occasionaly argument. but if your an outdoors person, and they are a computer person, thats a little to big of a difference [an example]
  • It depends on the two people involved. It is most likely preferable that the two people have similar interests, though.
  • Not necessarily, but the ability to be flexible is important. A similar sense of values is probably more important than interests. It can be hard when a spendthrift marries a penny pincher. I went to a few plays, since Hubby loves them, but he's comfortable going alone. I'd rather stay home and do my needlework. He went to Europe and I spent the month on the beach with my Grandkids. We are very comfortable with our differences. One similarity is the genuine interest in talking about our experiences with each other.
  • no, but it's highly advantageous
  • No not necessarily. It's interesting when the other person has interests you're not interested in. :$
  • No in fact different interests might help keep the relationship interesting and long as they do not try to restrict the partner in doing their hobby or expressing their interest.
  • No, we are as different as day and night and it's still working.
  • They do need to have some sort of common ground yes. (Not saying it can't work, but it definitely lowers the chances of it lasting, greatly.)
  • I don't know, I don't think so. I think sometimes it makes for more conversation. To me, if someone has an interest that I don't have, I generally want to know more about it. Just because I'm curious. So it gives me something to learn about.
  • I don't believe you have to be totally similar but you do have to have a comon ground of some sort for the relationship to work... If you believe in one another and feel that you are complementing on anothers life style and are happy in the relationship then there is no reason for your relationship to not prosper and grow.
  • My husband and I have nothing in common from books, tv shows, movies, food, politics, etc. and yet it works:) Go figure.
  • Who knows........some do, some don't! I gave up trying to figure this out!!!!!!!!!!!:)
  • nope not at all
  • to each their own really i suppose, i was with someone for a while, and the main problem was that there was nothing of similar interests to do... ended off worse though, b/c he refused to do mine, and always had to settle for his choice
  • My theory is that you need enough things in common to develop an interest, and enough differences to keep it interesting. Whether this is true or not, I don't know but it seems to be!
  • It sure works for my relationship!
  • yes, think it would work better
  • No it is not necessary to have the same interests for a relationship to work out. Matter of fact it's nice when there are some different interests. Otherwise the rel;ationship would get boring fast if you shared all the same interests.
  • i dont think so its cool to be different because its natural my sis had a bo 4 2years and they were very different they did have some ups and downs
  • Not really, My boyfriend and I are total opposites, and if we did like everything the same, I think it would end up to be a boring relationship.

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