• That didn't happen to me, but I am sure that after a fit of anger I would try to support him as best as I could.
  • Well after having a talk with him, I would say it would be time for a sit down with the girl's parents and both boy and girl. I would tell my son that although I support him, he needs to support his gf for whatever choice is made. I would not force him to stay with her, but I would ensure that if the baby were kept he played a role in it's life.
  • I have no idea. At first, I would tell him I would have to think about it for a while and let it sink in. I'd reassure him that I love him and will do everything within my power to help him though this. I'd then cash in his college fund and let him have that money to help with the cost of raising his child.
  • You mean AFTER they scape me off the ceiling? : )
  • I would do precisely what Cyndi Ninja said. I would sit down with he young couple and her family. We would discuss how we could best serve this child on it's way. As someone who chose to have an abortion before, I would tell them that you never get over having the regret and offer other choices.
  • Talk with him and tell him that I support him, and will be there to help him no matter what. Then I'd tell him no Playstation 8 for a month...then make him buy me those shirts that say '#1 Grandpa'
  • The same thing my Dad told me he would do If I got a girl pregnant. I'd say "Good luck with all that stuff, if you need anything from you mother and I don't bother because you won't get it from us." Teens should be taught to respect the consiquences of having sex even if that means living with 100 percent of the reposibilities if that occurs.
  • Hmmmm. Interesting question.... Cyndi hits it on the nose. There isn't much I could add except that I'd make it clear someone was about to start working very hard because I already raised my kids and although I'd love my grandchild I wasn't going to become it's main provider and caregiver. I'm big now. Boys just want to have fun!
  • I would first be suprised and shocked that I have a teenage son. Once I got over that, I would tell him that he is now responsible for the rest of his life to make sure his kid was raised properly, with manners and responsibility.
  • There would be no choice. The baby would live. I would tell him to man up and marry her and then make sure they kept the child. The only exception would be if they chose adoption. In that case, I would encourage open adoption.
  • I would sit him down with his girlfriend and her parents and discuss all the options with them both. then i would talk to my son and make him understand that he will have to support his girlfriend the best he can, and that i would be there for them both and help in anyway i can.:-)
  • call her and her parents have dinner and figure out what to do. i'd encourage keeping the baby, making sure he was there as a father for the baby, and also for him to be supportive of his gf during the pregnancy. if they were truly in love, i think i'd almost consider asking them if they wanted to get married, depending on the (overall) maturity of both. and i'd definitely make it clear to the parents that my son was just as responsible as she was, so we were all in it together.
  • take him on springer... just kidding... i would be supportive of his decision!
  • Tell his ass to go get a job...oh, and be there for him. And talk with the girl too.
  • tell him he would have to support the child no matter what and to get an evening and weekend job to pay for his child. to use condoms from now on aswell
  • not much you can do - it is their problem - if they are going to do adult things, then they pay the adult price
  • i'd call a Time Out
  • My husband and I would talk to the girlfriend's parents along with my son and his girlfriend and figure out a solution. I would support them in their decision as long as it isn't termination of a pregnancy since I am HUGE on adoption (especially since so many friends are infertile!)
  • Well this just happened to me. I am still in shock, and I guess in the very angry stage. I am having a hard time understanding how we have money for burgers, movies, and sneakers but not condoms. I am having a more difficult time with the parents of this little girl (cause lets face it 14 and 15 are no age to be having babies)and she is a little girl--can be oH well I was a teenage mom guess she will be too!!! How do you address that!! How do you walk into someone elses home and parent someone elses child, because the other parent is clueless to reality. My kid is like chill--I want to chill him out the frigging window. I have to be the rational parent for the 3 children I get it. But how if this girls mother doesn't approach it and keeps her eyes closed.
  • Well initally I would probably go mad, not n their presence though then I would discuss whats to happen next, what I wouldnt do is encourage abortion, never!
  • I would have a long talk with him. I'd be in shock, I'd be pissed, perplexed, anything... But I would try my best to support and love him and get him through it with his girlfriend.
  • Have a fit and then take him with me to meet her parents to discuss what the next steps would be.
  • i dont have kids but if i did i would just help them out

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