• the first vacation i remember was to sesame place...about 4-5 yrs old.
  • I was 3-4. It was Panama City Beach, Fl.
  • I remember I went camping down the South Shore of our province with my parents, my sister, and my brother who, at the time, was about 1 year old. It was terrible. We camped in a camp ground that was right beside the shore of, The Bay Of Fundy,which has the highest tides in the world. The sound of the tide coming in was so loud it sounded like a freight train.It was so scary especially in the dark of night. My baby brother started crying and my mother couldn't get him to stop.We were up most of the night,too scared to move. Then it started to rain. It rained for 3 days straight. I was only 10 at the time but I remember thinking I just wanted to go home!
  • We never took vacations, living on a farm with my grandparents. When I moved to California with my mother and stepfather, we spent a week in Laguna Beach and it was so fun. That was before the beach was rescaped. We rode the waves on rubber rafts with a rope handle. It was great.
  • I was around 4. My grandparents took me by train to Victoria, Canada. I have vague memories of teaching a girl on the train to blow a bubble with her gum, studying the hotel beds carefully before deciding which one I wanted, trying to find the perfect souvenir for my mother, and being afraid when a scary looking guy sitting on the sidewalk told us to "go the *bleep* home, *bleeping* tourists."
  • my vacation was a punch to tha face courtasy ofma brothers it would make me dose of to a far away place
  • Lake Champlain and my sister was set adrift in a row boat and she drifted out into the middle of the lake!
  • When I was really little (not sure how old) my parents and I would meet with our relatives and go camping at the Iowa Great Lakes, which is not too far from here. The first one I really remember is when I was 9 years old and my Dad who had always been in a local band, got a performance job at a place in the Black Hills. We drove there for it and got to site see along the way. I remember seeing Mt. Rushmore and the Flintstones park and an old military base. I also remember visiting the Reptile gardens with all the cool snakes, the giant tortoise, and the alligator wrestling. I also remember seeing Bear Country U.S.A., it was really neat to see bears all wandering around, and the donkey that stuck his head in the car. The Black hills and the Badlands seemed to stretch out forever. It was quite the experience.
  • My first vacation was when I was 10 years old. We went to Miami, Florida and stayed at the Dunes hotel.
  • My Gram took me to New York City for a week when I was 7.. I can remember almost everything we did. From the train ride, rocketees, penhouse that my great Aunt lived in, the Bronx zoo, going to someone's apartment for dinner and getting stuck in the elevator, I will never forget anything my Gram did for me.
  • I was 2 and I went to Lanzorotte in the Canary Islands! Don't remember any of it though!
  • The only real family vacation we took when I was a kid (i.e. not combined with some other thing, such as a funeral) was to the 1,000 Islands. I believe I was eight.
  • I went to new mexico when i was two.
  • I recall my 1st plane ride was to Chicago when I was 8-10 years old but I don't recall the actual vacation--just the plane ride. I was fascinated. :-)
  • I went to Texas when I was 3. I remember sitting in seaweed in the Gulf of Mexico. It was a nasty little town. lol.
  • Mostly camping with the family near lakes throughout childhood.
  • We went to Colorado and I was 10 years old at the time. I went with my parents to see some of the sites and visit relatives there.
  • I don't think we had very many vacations, when I was a kid, because the first one I can remember, I was twelve. Living in California, the family drove to Connecticut to visit relatives.
  • My family didn't really vacation, so I guess the first trip I consider a vacation was when I was 14 and my softball team traveled to Myrtle Beach, SC to play in a tournament. The focus was more on having fun than the was a blast!
  • I grew up in Alabama, my dad was from PA, we used to DRIVE from Alabama to Harrisburg every summer, then my Aunt Katharine would take us to Atlantic City for a week!

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