• There would be no atmosphere, everything would die, and if no gravity existed at all, things would become weightless and just float off into space, I would imagine... ;-)
  • If gravity ceased to exist I would not be answering this question:)
  • The planet would eventually cease to exist, as there would be nothing holding it together. Earth would fall apart into a cloud of dirt, spread out in the straight line it would take as soon as the sun's gravity stopped pulling it in orbit. Of course, without gravity, the fusion reactions that power the sun would send it's matter flying at very high speed, which would probably get the planet and cause some damage.
  • can you rephrase the question?
  • It would be pretty barren.
  • The entire universe would become a cloud of cosmic dust.
  • certain things will fly off at that exact moment it desires to retire. objects that were planned to reach certain destinations will reach those destinations!
  • but also if we die then evolutionists will argue that the tree in the woods did not make a sound without "their" perception!
  • Physicists are continually trying to come to grips with gravity, Chris..they don't really understand it..they keep trying to find a unified theory that will incorporate gravity smoothly into the fold and so far it hasn't happened. So I don't know if anyone could answer your question, since they can't give you a good explanation right now about its nature! :) ((hugs))

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