• Probably not, unless it later conflicts with reality. It would be even better to tell them every day that you love them, although I suspect you do this too. : ))
  • No, as long as they're being raised to realize that being pretty on the inside is what really counts;)
  • I think it is positive to tell our children that they are beautiful, pretty etc... everyday. I think as they get older who also need to make them aware that how you look isnt as important as how you feel and how comfortable you are in your own skin. If you are comfortable with yourself then that confidence and beauty within will shine threw.
  • No, as long as it is balanced, with telling them they are smart they strong, they caring, they are thoughtful, etc.
  • I tell my 2 girls every day something I like about them or someting they did that made me proud. I tell them I am lucky God gave me the 2 specialest (made up word) angels to take care of. I think you are probably doing just fine, pagan babe. Just remember to balance it out with other things that let them know they are worthy of love :)
  • My case is 50/50. Lots of sweet stuff I mix generously with reminders on how to stay fit, in shape, in style, eat wizely, watch manners, etc. So she doesn't take the beauty for granted, she knows it's a hard non-stop job.
  • I tell my girl everyday she is pretty, too. One of my pet names for her is Pretty Girl. Her dad calls her Pretty Princess Girl. The only thing I have ever heard that is negative about this (and I have only heard this once) is that when your girls grow up, if they fall for a man that fails to tell her that everyday she *may* develop self esteem issues. I am not sure I believe this, but I am just throwing that out there.
  • Yes, start reinforcing other better qualities in them to focus on. Such as intelligence and kindness.
  • It would also help to tell her how popular and smart she is. You not only want her to be happy about her physical appearance but also make her feel socially appealing and intellectually capable.
  • Yes. You create vain, overconfident beauty queen types who are extremely sure of themselves, almost bordering on narcisism.
  • yes, just take the time to make sure they look nice without telling them, also when you buy clothes just direct them to the ones that make them look nice. the best part is they should sometimes say "mommy, I feel like i look nice today".
  • Anything when repeated too much loses its meaning.
  • I don't think so :) Just make sure they know how pretty they are in all other ways, though. Mmmmm, maybe if I'd been told that more when I was little, I'd believe it from other people now.
  • No, I don't think you can say it too much. But, I also think they should know about being pretty on the inside as well. I wasn't told very much that I was pretty because my mother was afraid it would go to my head. Witholding that compliment contributed to some insecurity. Not only that, I just wasn't complimented. So, an honest compliment doesn't hurt anyone. False flattery may do harm.
  • Just remember to balance it out with other things that let them know they are worthy of love :) THis is the comment i had problems with. Our kids do stuff every day that make us proud but that also upset us and our hurt our feelings, whatever. The point is they should be worthy of our love and every moment of everyday, because we are the ones that brought them here to love and protect, they didnt ask to be brought into this world. UNCONDITIONAL LOVE good bad and ugly. Dont call me something just because you dont like my opinion. it is just that an opinion. i didnt call you nothing i just didnt like the commment, maybe i missunderstood. if people were not suppose to get downrated then there would not be that option
  • No, the world will be cruel enough one day. But don't forget the smart, capable, strong, congenial, creative, artistic, all that stuff. They say the most benificial compliments are, "you did that all by yourself?" They also say generation Y is the most miserable because of parents over complimenting them and giving them a false sense of pride. THis make for a very sad and very arrogant human being. So, thanks for creating nice little people.
  • yes tell them that idiots will be judgmental tell you that you are ugly but they are too self indulgent in mud slinging, every time this happens you get more beautiful

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