• yes. Pipsico Scout Reservation. 916 acres located on the James River in Surry County, Virginia. Excellent scout camp. I went to Pipsico every year since I became a Boy Scout and, when I turn 18, I started working there. I enjoy every minute of it. We have been told that we have a program that is far superior to other camps. I myself was actually given a job offer by a camp inspector to work at his home camp, Brady Sonders. Camp Lions (the actual summer camp) is in need of some upgrades to facilities but it is still a good camp. Recently the Dining Hall was air conditioned. We have a climbing tower. We have a scout master area with broadband wireless internet available. Unique to Lions, we have a state-registered archaeology site and a nuclear-science program, which includes a field trip to the Surry Nuclear Power Plant. If you are looking for a more high adventure trip and you are aquatic inclined, please check out our sailing programs. We have 3 week-long programs. The first, for beginners, teaches sailing basics and sails from camp to the Jamestown Settlement and back. The second, for intermediates, sails from camp to Norfolk with a stop at Nauticus and back. The 3rd sails from camp down into the intracoastal waterway to Deep Creek. Please visit for further information
  • The first time I camped at Pipsico was Feb 1960. I was in Troop 370 sponsored by Mckendree Methodist Church in Norfolk. Mr William T. Kirk was our Scoutmaster,Mr Edgar Caffey was the Asst SM. It was 17 degrees at night and none of us had sleeping bags for that kind of cold. I was hooked regardless. The best years of my life were working at Pipsico in the summer and OA working partys year round. I can't believe that Ranger Claude Menzel is not memorialized at the camp. Between John Barnes and his Seabees and Claude there was nothing that couldn't be accomplised. I was on the staff of the 1963 Area 3C Pow wow I believe the year is correct. Mickey Warner designed the patch, A chief with a Blue border. It was a great time to be an Arrowman in the Blue Heron Lodge. Alot of us are now in our 60's and that was our growing up ground. Camp Kiwanis was first...then Camp Lions. What a great Camp!

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