• In my experience The sunset is Great in Santa Fe, New mexico on top of the Hills.
  • Sunrise...Godley the tip of Banks Peninsula Christchurch New Zealand. It's a bit of a scary walk to get there in the dark (so take a torch). Sunset...Lake Tekapo New Zealand in winter with the snow on the mountains and as the sun goes down the snow glows orange and the lake turns to colours impossible to describe. Beautiful! Tekapo is also know as one the best places in the world to watch the night sky. I lived there for a year and cried when I had to leave.
  • Zipolite, Oaxaca, Mexico-Sometimes you see a pod of whales in the morning-or someone doing a native ritual on the beach with an orange.
  • Discovery channel! Sometimes they have beautiful noon hours too.
  • World famous Cocoa Beach, Fl. There is something incredibly beautiful about the sun coming up over the ocean.
  • sunrise over the ocean at Rohobeth, Delaware and sunsets over Rohobeth Bay or Race Point at the tip of Cape Cod, Mass. for either
  • Sunrise: the top of Haleakala volcano in Maui. Sunset: in front of Uluru in Ayers Rock, Australia
  • Doesnt matter where it is. A sunset or sunrise is beautiful anywhere you are. Watching it alone or with someone equally as beautiful..doesnt matter.
  • My backyard
  • in the country side.
  • Sunsets benefit most from dust in the air. So, arid areas tend to have the most spectacular colors. I prefer sunsets in the US in the Intermountain West.
  • Near the coast is wonderful. I love the sunsets over water. IN the Pacific Northwest what with the rocks and cliffs, the sunsets are very scenic. And I remember some awesome sunsets from "Beetle Rock" in Sequoia National Park. There is a Sunset Rock but I prefer Beetle Rock. Disney once made a film all about a whole day on beetle rock and so I had to see if it was like they said and they were right. It was awesome.
  • At Manila Bay: the sun, in various shades of red, orange, pink, or golden yellow, setting over Manila Bay. Just google-image "Manila Bay sunset" to view photos of this world-famous sunset. Bookdoc is right: sunset in Manila is the most beautiful, because the heavy dust and pollution there break the light into stunning colors.
  • Goa, India
  • Defiantly Glastonbury stone circle England!!! Castle Rigg Stone Circle England

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