• if you google his name, this is what is listed.....although i personally think there is no such thing as 'sex guru'. "Bhagwan Shree Rajneesh (1931 - 1990) , or Osho as he preferred to be called, was one of India's most popular and flamboyant ' export gurus ' and without double the most controversial. He followed no particular religion, tradition or philosophy and his often acerbic criticism and dismissal of various religious and political leaders made him many enemies world over. was his advocacy of sex as a path to enlightenment an approach outraged his Indian critics and earned him epithet 'sex guru' from the Indian press."
  • This is the funniest thing. Osho spoke on so many topics and sex was just one topic he spoke on. The media has picked this up and everyone focuses on it because everyone is interested in sex. So the whole thing gets blown out of porportion. Osho did speak on sex but his underlying message is that people can transcend it as something natural and especially not by repressing. Some nitwits take this to mean , hey lets start an orgy , etc... My advise to you is to read Osho's books and think for yourself. Dont believe everything the media says about Osho because I find that most of these people have never read or understood what he is truly saying.
  • It's definetely false.Just read his books,U will come to know greatest facts of life or sex in a simpler way. He just looks at sex as an life energy and it's we got very much interested looking it as something different.Osho looks at sex in total different way just like an energy not more or less than that. He said just watch sexual energy or energy in anger and that's all everything is just watch....That's all is about his teaching..Now,it's your choice what you want to decide about him.Ofcourse,Truth is truth whether you categorise as false or true......
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  • Not at all. He used to say there is no other person on this earth at moment who is against sex the way I am. Because the sex is the ugliest thing. its the same as anger. ego,etc. but like other so called guru's his understanding was not negative. He took every little thing in life positively. He wanted man to get out of the circle of sex with proper understanding, meditation, transcending the energy. People always used to be against God. he was just recent incarnation of God that what I believe.
  • sex is a parts of life... to the best of my knowledge his first sex victim was his own sister when he was 17. after few days he target his own mom for sex partner and rajneesh succeed. a incestious always "sex Guru"

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