• I agree with that. If they don't care or love can't get to someone. If they are in love them those are the people that can make you the happiest in life and also hurt you the most.
  • I would say that it's just another generalization and that man needs to take responsibility for his own feelings.
  • A 'statement' is simply that. A statement. Someone's opinion. Their version of the truth. And you make the final decision whether it's true for *you*. The statement itself sounds all very dramatic and romantic - but in reality I don't think that *I* can control how someone feels to that extent! And nor do I want the entire responsibility of being someone else's happiness! Or accept ALL of the blame when they are miserable! :) That's their responsibility! Just like my feelings are *my* job to look after.
  • I believe that's addiction. Remember the song, Addicted To Love?
  • Your true love is your disease, and your cure i agree, though it's hard to explain, they're the one's who can make and break you perhaps
  • I don't agree with this statement. You don't have to have the miserable part if you trust your partner. Before I married my husband 3 years ago I would have agreed with the statement because I had no self-confidence and was not able to trust my partner. I DID end up miserable. Now I feel completely secure and I am never miserable. Misery is relationships comes from no trust or putting up with things that you shouldn't be putting up with.
  • believe it !
  • Well, to begin with, it's certainly simplistic and an overgeneralization, as well as a poorly thought out rationalization. It sounds more like someone who wants to blame someone else for what happens and how they feel than anything else. It certainly does not sound healthy for someone to place the cause of their emotional state on someone else as fully as this idea seems to indicate. It also sounds like a good basis for a very co-dependent relationship where one person is held to be responsible for everything that happens and everything the other person feels and goes through. If someone is miserable and blaming the other person, that is any of a number of negative feelings, but certainly not love, and very much a sign of being emotionally troubled and a sign of dependency. But it's certainly not love.
  • I'd say that's the biggest crock of shit I've ever heard. True love is when you're truly happy, and satisfied with your partner. It's when you feel comfortable enough to trust everything about them, and just know, that they are the one, and that they are not out there looking for something else. True love does NOT equal misery.
  • One thing that is misunderstood about love is that it's seen as an emotion. It isn't an emotion. It's a state of being. In this state of being, the most powerful emotions that our brain's (or souls but that's another debate) can create and because of this, I would have to say that your friend's statement is correct.
  • I guess you could make them the happiest alive by being with them and loving him in return, and making him the sadest alive by not loving him and not being with him, so in essence, it could be a truth.
  • Did I mention, I think that's the biggest crock of shit I've ever heard?
  • Is this the crazy black guy or is Chuck trying to get back with you again?
  • I don't know many men who would want to be eitheir completely happy or totally miserable due to love. Or women...if your totally miserable, chances are your not sticking around. I don't know anyone who's "completely in love" with someone else; to the point their one happy mofo running around spreading cheer to others...even if their house burned down, they owe the IRS, and the neighbor ran over the dog. Who could be cheerful under those extreme conditions?! Lets just say that a relationship has a variety of feelings & emotions due to life, and sometimes these conditions affect how you handle yourself around others. I find it hard to believe any of us can have only two emotions in a relationship. There's great variety of levels emotionally (happy, anger, sadness etc) one can have though. I vote no. Don't believe your friend who told you that statement...he just wants you to stay in a immature shitty relationship that sucks the life out of you. Oh, sorry, thats my relationship...;) JK
  • hmm, I think that statement is highly illogical, I think I def want my man happy as can be, not miserable.hmmm, I think someone is feeding you a banquet of bullshit, but I could be wrong.
  • There are people in this world who need drama and upheaval in their lives to feel anything. I personally think that is a big load of crap..but then, I don't know the mindset of such a person..if the expectation is that "true love" requires some sort of hair shirt or misery, then of course the person will create find what you seek and you create what you expect! :)
  • It appears to me that he might want to put the burden of making him happy on you and he might be setting you up to take the blame for any unhappiness that he feels. I don't know the person who said that to you but this could lead to emotional or perhaps even physical abuse if that misery takes the form of anger and he then blames you for that too.
  • true love is wen u can just sit with them for hours on end on doing anythign or saying anything , true love is is missing sum1 but being happy about it lyk, so happy tht u will see them agian,

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