• use a fork.
  • Moisten it thoroughly with Windex or other weak spray liquid and then use a putty knife or dull kitchen knife. Do not rush it. Soak the tape way ahead of what you are scraping, and keep it soaked with spray.
  • Wal Mart sells a product called "Goo Gone" to remove sticky residue from tape and other adhesives. Soak the tape with the Goo Gone, let it soak for a period of time about, five minutes, the gently scrape it off with a plastic "putty knife". Hope this helps.
  • Goof off it will disolve the tape for easy cleanup.
  • Please don't damage your wood by digging at it with a fork or a putty knife. Oil will unstick the sticky. Then just roll it backwards with your finger
    • Anoname
      Still damaging the "wood"? And the finger won't do the same job as the proper tool can.
    • Linda Joy
      My fingers Can Do Magic on wood!

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