• Well i have actually fakken in love with someone from work. I was her boss. So yes. She eventually left that job, though it wasn't because of us.
  • yes i did and after that it made it harder for us to work without getting eachother excited for after work.
  • No. I'm sure it would affect my job in a negative way if that ever happened to me.
  • I got the sack.I am a Shepherd.....
  • When I was young I had sex with a company VP in front of almost the whole office. I was a receptionist and I got a lot of kidding, innuendos, and downright offers from my co-workers who were all men. At one of those enforced enjoyment weekends where you were supposed to bond with everyone so you could work better as a team I kept getting how women were not as good as men because didn't like sex and just used it to get what they wanted from men etc. and I got mad and took off my clothes, put on a towel and went into the steam bath with the guys. When they kept it up I challenged them to have sex with me right there in order to prove to them that women liked it. When there were no takers I approached a Jr. VP Mr. Hosford (not his real name because he might be still living) and pulled back his towel and played with him to make him hard so I could have sex with him. You should have seen how everyone's mouth fell open. They knew he was married. I knew that too but I guess I didn't care I was so hot to prove something. I did not know him well and he had always been nice to me so maybe I thought he was safe or something. So when he was hard I got on him and started in and planned to have a quick orgasm so I could show everyone how much women liked it. I expected Mr. Hosford to fuck back but he just lay there and suddenly I realized what could he do because he was married and in a position of some authority and probably only allowed me to continue to show the men he was "with it". Well I got afraid and realized it would be hard if not impossible for me to come under those circumstances. So there I was naked (my towel had come off) going up and down on this poor guy in front of a dozen amazed men some of whom were hard from just watching and considering faking an orgasm in front of the whole office. Then I felt Mr. Hosford moving inside me very gently so you could not tell from watching but when he kept it up I started getting hot again and after a couple of minutes was able to have an orgasm after which I fell on him. He didn't offer anything further but I believe he had seen my predicament and so had helped me come. The next night I let a salesman and someone in accounting fuck me and they were pigs. One lasted all of three minutes and the other maybe two minutes. Mr. Hosford was a cool guy but he was married. Needless to say I did not last long there. They told me I was not effective or something like that and got rid of me about three weeks later although no one ever mentioned that weekend. They left me alone after that. They probably thought I was crazy. At least it shut them up.

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