• Open and close it manually. The alternative would be to check out the remote send unit, remote receive unit, the door actuator and door motor. The actuator and motor are the most likely causes.Each of which should cost about $80. You have to remove the inside door panals to access it.
  • on the remote slide doors is it comon that in the wiring a cable breaks tis is to be found on the bottom inside the van if you open the door and loock in the van on the bottom run channel you see a plastic track in this track is the wiring for the door and because everytime you open the door the wire has to bend it often breaks you can try to fix this but it will break again so check the wiring in the track and if you find brocken wires order a new wiring for the door (track) i see it all the time in the shop 20 year chrysler tec

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